Isla Bonita (3 Star) Yacht Club, Belize

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Isla Bonita 1

This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Offering an outdoor swimming pool, a garden and BBQ facilities, Isla Bonita Yacht Club is located in San Pedro Beach. Free WiFi access is available in all areas.

Isla Bonita 2

The apartments feature a TV, air conditioning and a balcony. There is a full kitchen with a microwave and a fridge. The private bathroom also comes with a shower and you can enjoy sea view and pool view from the room.

Isla Bonita 3

Other facilities like grocery deliveries and a tour desk are offered, and free parking is available. Guests can find the Islands Supermarket 500 m away.

Isla Bonita 4

This property is 1 km from San Pedro`s Central Park and 2 minutes’ drive from San Pedro-Belize City ferry. San Pedro local airport is 650 m away and mainland can be reached within a 90-minute boat ride or 20 minutes’ flight.

Isla Bonita 5

This property is also rated for the best value in San Pedro! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

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Cape Verde, rough diamonds in the ocean

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The breathtaking valley Ribeira do Paul on the island of Santo Antao.

Cape Verde is more popular than ever. Resort havens Sal and Boa Vista were so far the most in the spotlight. Interest in the other seven islands off the west coast of Africa has also increased. High time for a personal introduction of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao.

kaapverdie+Santo Antao
Santo Antao

kaapverdie+Santo Antao 2
Santo Antao

Bay of Mindelo by UNESCO recognizes as one of the finest on the world.

Santa Maria on Sal beach

Kaap +Sal_Sta_Maria_beach_hotel_Cap_Verde
St. Maria beach hotel on the island of Sal

Bougainvillea on the island of Santiago



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Futuristic ski lodges

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It starts to become a lot colder and a lot of people get the winter jitters increasingly upward. Often stayed during a winter sports holiday in a chalet, but what about the next futuristic ski lodges!

VIP - Refuge du Goûter, Mont Blanc, France

VIP - Refuge du Goûter, Mont Blanc, France 2
Refuge du Goûter, Mont Blanc, France

VIP - Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa, Switzerland 3

VIP - Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa, Switzerland

VIP - Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa, Switzerland 2
Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa, Switzerland

VIP - The Whitepod Resort, Monthey, Switzerland

VIP - The Whitepod Resort, Monthey, Switzerland 2
The Whitepod Resort, Monthey, Switzerland

VIP - Das Central - Ice Q, Sölden, Austria

VIP - Das Central - Ice Q, Sölden, Austria 2
Das Central – Ice Q, Sölden, Austria

VIP - Black Sheep, La Plagne, France

VIP - Black Sheep, La Plagne, France 2
Black Sheep, La Plagne, France

VIP - Barin Ski Resort, Shemshak, Iran

VIP - Barin Ski Resort, Shemshak, Iran 2
Barin Ski Resort, Shemshak, Iran

VIP - Kežmarské Hut, Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

VIP - Kežmarské Hut, Tatra Mountains, Slovakia 2
Kežmarské Hut, Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

VIP - Split View Mountain Lodge, Geilo, Norway

VIP - Split View Mountain Lodge, Geilo, Norway 2
Split View Mountain Lodge, Geilo, Norway

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Top Hotel for a small price

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Travelers who want to book a top hotel at a low price come all too often for a rude awakening. Not because there are no good hotels are found, because you has almost anywhere. However, a low price is lying less obvious. A top are asking more money than a hotel where hospitality is at a lower ebb. The secret to finding top hotels at low prices is not in the hotel itself. The secret can be found in the destination!

Fenghuang country

A International destination with the best quality / price ratio for 2016 is the Chinese Feng Huang. This means that hotels in Fenghuang on average are best judged by guests. while prices for this service, relatively speaking, are the very lowest.

‘Fenghuang’ is Chinese for ‘Phoenix’

Hotels in Fenghuang so provide the best service for the least money. You should feel alone in the pouch for a ticket to China …

Outside the hotels is around the city itself also worthy of a visit. The city is known in China as one of the most beautiful cities in the country and therefore attracts many visitors. It is a very old city with a beautiful historical center, which dates back to the Ming Dynasty.

Bosnian city of Mostar

A city that does well every year on the list and therefore is a valid recommendation for vacationers who do not want to spend too much money on a hotel stay, the Bosnian city of Mostar. The city will end 2016 on the second place. Mostar is known as a historical site, with the most famous landmark the old Ottoman bridge over the Neretva river.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

At number three is the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo. Bulgaria is generally a fairly inexpensive land, Veliko Tarnovo and then sets also a good hospitality and service opposite. Moreover, the city is a hidden gem with a rich history. There are palaces finding from former emperors, the city has its own specific architecture and a reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria.

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Spectacular walking routes worldwide

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People increasingly want to dismiss “the beaten path ‘and visit new remote destinations. With current technology it is becoming easier and is further fueled our curiosity for unexplored areas. Make an inspiration for the best and most impressive places to enjoy the fresh air.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt

There are more than 100 scenic hiking trails at and near the Matterhorn, making it one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Europe.

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is mostly frequented by people who are looking for a spiritual experience, but the region offers much more. The area covers more than 700,000 hectares of spectacular nature, with trails for every level.

Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane is situated at the foot of the majestic Tatra Mountains, where the landscape has a magical effect on visitors. Seasoned hikers can put all their energy on the more than 250 km of hiking trails while enjoying the magnificent views.

Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

The Marlborough Sounds are one of the most beautiful pearls of New Zealand. Here you will find numerous hidden coves, crystal clear water and sandy bays.The famous Queen Charlotte Track is a hiking trail of 70 km with few walkers and tranquility.

El Chalten, Argentina

Visit the center for active walking in Argentina, El Chalten, and have the time of your life. From this site you can explore various routes of world and end the day in the mountain village with magnificent views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland

Breathtaking mountains and lush green valleys as far as the eye. Trossachs National Park is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s most beautiful treasures.

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Beauty in shades of blue

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  • Kamui Misaki cape at the edge of Hokkaido’s Shakotan Peninsula offers a wonderful view of the sea.

Blue 18
Kamuimisaki cape juts out from the northwestern edge of the Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido, Japan. Visitors are able to enjoy a panoramic view of the horizon at the tip of the cape.

REACHING THE tip of Kamuimisaki cape on the north-western edge of the Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido, can only be achieved on foot and involves walking carefully along a narrow path that looks and feels like a mountain ridge, rising as high as 80 metres above sea level. Buffeted by the wind, it takes me a full 20 minutes to reach the cape, which looks out over the crystal-clear Sea of Japan, a beautiful shade of azure that has become known as “Shakotan blue”.

From this viewpoint, the horizon appears slightly curved at both ends testifying to what we already know – that the Earth is round. And even through it took about an hour from the centre of Shakotan by car, the spectacle is well worth the trip.

The sea offers not only this impressive view but also a variety of seafood. The town is famous for nama uni don (raw sea urchin roe atop a bowl of rice). I was there, however, just after the fishing season, which is limited to June through August.

Even so, a Japanese restaurant I visited for lunch still offered steamed sea urchin roe, and I enjoyed the kaisendon sashimi bowl decorated lavishly with northern shrimp and seasonal salmon roe. The sea urchin roe melted in my mouth, and I could taste its subtle sweetness.

Forests account for 80 per cent of the town. The rains that fall on the highlands are soaked up in the mountain areas, and the nutrient-laden rivers flow into the sea. This process is believed to help the growth of seafood and seaweed.

In 2010, Japan Tobacco Inc began a 10-year project called JT Forest Shakotan to help the conservation of these mountains. JT subsidises the costs of forest management within the reach of three rivers running through the town, including the Bikunigawa.

“Ill-maintained forests are recovering,” Hideki Matsui, the 68-year-old mayor of Shakotan tells me.

“I want to scientifically prove that mountains foster the ocean.”

Experts on forests, rivers and seas have already started investigations in their various fields.

“I hope they will collect enough data soon so that we can properly explain to children, who will be responsible for the next generation,” Matsui continues.

Forests not only nurture the abundant sea, but also are helping the reconstruction of areas hit by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. About 2,000 trees including Japanese larches were cut down, sent to disaster-hit areas such as Miyagi Prefecture and used as foundations for temporary housing units in May 2011. The workings of nature help human beings, showing the importance of protecting nature.

The next day, I visited a traditional-style fishermen’s lodge in the centre of the town that was originally built for those involved in the herring fishing industry, once the pride of the town. The streets are littered with the houses, now abandoned, that once accommodated fishing boat owners, their families and their crews.

In 2008, residents in the town began activities to preserve these houses as sightseeing spots. Local volunteers including Noriichi Bessho, 67, renovated the lodge and named it Yamashime Banya.

A public interest corporation subsidised the costs of renovation such as for replacing the flooring.

The facility was opened to the public until late September, hosting events such as shamisen lute performances. It is currently closed in preparation for further restoration work, but should reopen around May next year.

“I feel regret if tourists just eat sea urchin roe and leave town. I want them to know the history of Shakotan,” Bessho says.

Source: The Nation

Japanese food

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Cycling over the Andes

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Cycling over the Andes – Highs and Lows in Peru


From sea level to 4,700 meters: Cycling over the Andes

Cycling over the Andes 2

The policewomen looks somewhat surprised to see a racing bike being assembled in front of the airport building in Tacna, Peru. Cycling on the legendary Pan-American Highway is not exactly a popular sport in the South American country.

The first problem: what to do with the zip-up bag used to carry the bike on the flight from Lima?

Officer Miriam Solhe offers to help. She puts the bag in the back of her police pick-up.

“I’ll keep it in storage at the police station until you’re back,” she says. But this will require paperwork.

She takes both of my thumbprints on a form. Rules are rules.

Now, with my bag safely in police custody and four kilograms of just the barest essentials loaded on the bike, the road from the airport leads onto the Panamericana on a route that heads down to the Pacific coast and then high up into the Andes.

The road moves through desert landscapes that are almost like moonscapes. At the border with Chile the bike has to be disinfected because of a cattle disease in Peru. After another 25 kilometres the Pacific can be smelt and the Chilean port city of Arica is reached.

The next morning over breakfast, the ride ahead looks daunting. From sea level at zero metres there’ll be a climb to 4,700 metres – there are hardly any other mountain-pass roads in the world that are as long or as high.

First the road winds moderately through the green Lluta valley. After 50 kilometres, there’s a break for empanada pastries and a freshly squeezed orange juice. Then there are almost 70 kilometres of nothing much.

Truckers honk their horns encouragingly as they haul freight from Chile to La Paz in Bolivia. The well-paved road climbs ever higher, past deserts of stones and surreal landscapes. Soon the water supplies are exhausted and thirst becomes a problem.

The road goes uphill for another 10 kilometres, then the first building for a very long time appears – a potash factory. The watchmen are surprised to see a cyclist. Fortunately there’s a water dispenser.

The route continues upwards and the shadows cast by the wheel grow longer.

At a mountain lake there’s a sign advertising natural juices. Just as well, as the water bottles are empty again. The bicycle’s digital logger is showing an altitude of 2,700 metres. In a hut lives a man with coca tea – good against the altitude.

After another 15 kilometres, there appears a settlement of three ramshackle huts and a trucker pub. This is Zapahuira. For four euros (Bt160), there’s a bed available but no shower -difficult after a sweaty day.

Outside the dogs bark, the night is clear and there are plenty of stars to look at. A look at the logger shows that 115 km has been travelled and a height of 3,400 metres attained -at a depressing average speed of just 15 km/h.

There’s bright sunshine next morning and after a few hours, the water has run out again. Fortunately there’s a military post with water. The road leads into the Lauca national park. The white Andes mountains are visible and the road goes past lakes where flamingos cavort.

Around 4 pm, Lake Chungara is reached, framed by snow-capped volcanoes. Condors soar overhead while alpacas graze. In the so-called Saltpetre War fought here in 1879-1883, Bolivia lost its access to the sea to the victor, Chile. Today there’s still a demilitarised zone here.

The highest point in the mountain pass at 4,700 metres is the border. “Welcome to the Plurinational State of Bolivia,” the sign says.

Some photos and then a few kilometres descent to Chungara-Tambo Quemado, a mountain pass which connects Arica and La Paz. Almost 220 kilometres have been travelled since leaving Arica.

On a speedy descent through the thin mountain air, I overtake trucks gingerly descending the grades. At one point, my logger displays my speed as 102.7 km/h. The air is so thin here it offers little resistance to the rider.

Then into the border area, where there’s hunger and thirst to be slaked, but unfortunately no hotel. No matter though, the epic bike crossing has been achieved. From here, it’s best to take a coach to La Paz, the Bolivian capital.

Mixing coach and riding stages, the great circuit continues to Lake Titicaca and Moquegua, Peru, before the bike takes me down the solitary and magnificent curves of the Panamericana back to Tacna.

Officer Solhe is waiting for me at the police station to return my bag.

“You’re a bit ‘loco’,” she says with a smile.

Cycling over the Andes 1

Source: The Nation

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