Australia most esteemed distant destination.

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European distant travelers are most charmed of Australia. Closely followed by Indonesia and Thailand. The top five most highly rated countries long journey is completed by South Africa and Sri Lanka.

1 - Australia

This is evidenced by extensive reviews of more than 1,200 traveling fans at the Grand Travel Exhibition. Australia scored an average of 8.8 and is prized for its’ immense variation “and the” ultimate feeling of freedom “that travel gives it. The highest scores are part of the natural aspects (9.4), hospitality (9.1) and beaches (9.0).

2 - Indonesia

Runnerups are Indonesia and Thailand with an average of 8.7. Indonesia is popular for its very friendly people and offers something for everyone.” The country scores particularly high on culture & sights (8.9) and hospitality (8.8).

3 - Thailand

Backpack Atmosphere
Thailand is praised for the “ultimate backpack atmosphere ,’ easy attainment ability“, “beautiful beaches” (8.8 as part digit) and the “delicious food” (8.9).
On the platform allow travelers with a personal profile after extensive qualitative review of countries visited. They hereby give figures on the aspects of culture and sights, hospitality, nature, food and beaches. The differences at the top are small.

4 - South Africa
South Africa

All-time favorite South Africa also scores a 8.7 average, but has been reviewed less frequently. South Africa owes the high score especially with its breathtaking nature (9.6) that you can discover well with their own car. “

5 - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Striking is the position of Sri Lanka in the top5, also with a 8.7. Hugely varied and easily accessible to small distances,” is an image that recurs a lot in reviews, with many cultural treasures’ head northgolden sands‘ in the South and brilliant green mountains “in the heart.

Just outside the top 5 best rated countries are traveling overseas countries such as New Zealand and Mexico (both 8.6 average), Vietnam and Malaysia (8.4), Peru and Argentina (8.2) and the USA (8 , 1).

Looking at the rate specific aspects in the field of culture and sights Myanmar (9.2) and India (9.1), the highest rated. True nature lovers are by the reviewers trip especially to Namibia (9.8) and New Zealand (9.7).

Very hospitable mainly Myanmar (9.5) and Uganda (9.3). On the food section score India (9.1), Thailand (8.9), Vietnam and Japan (both 8.8), the highest.

Finally, for the most beautiful beaches you except for Australia and Thailand – especially the Philippines (9.4) and Brazil (9.3).

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